Administration / Office Staff

  • Debra Tarver
    Debra Tarver Executive Director & Founder
  • Anne Rivera
    Anne Rivera Director of Assessment & Curriculum
  • Jacqueline Jackson
    Jacqueline Jackson Principal
  • Latrice Brown
    Latrice Brown Business & Operations Manager
  • Cristina De La Cruz
    Cristina De La Cruz Registrar
  • Debbie Garrett
    Debbie Garrett Registrar


  • Amanda Jensen
    Amanda Jensen TK Teacher
  • Patrice Aguilar
  • Marlene Sanchez
    Marlene Sanchez Kindergarten Teacher
  • Daysi Villatoro
    Daysi Villatoro Kindergarten Teacher
  • Stephanie Engleman
    Stephanie Engleman 1st Grade Teacher
  • Andra Little
    Andra Little 1st Grade Teacher
  • Mindi Metzler
    Mindi Metzler 1st Grade Teacher
  • Tamara Walsh
    Tamara Walsh 1st Grade Teacher
  • Kristy Ashlock
    Kristy Ashlock 2nd Grade Teacher
  • April Barton
    April Barton 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Brenda Crump
    Brenda Crump 2nd Grade Teacher
  • Ashely Breland
    Ashely Breland 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Christina Lesinski
    Christina Lesinski 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Lauren Williams
    Lauren Williams 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Taylor Holahan
    Taylor Holahan 4th Grade Teacher
  • Cristine Hussein
    Cristine Hussein 4th Grade Teacher
  • Megan Thompson
    Megan Thompson 4th/5th Grade Combo Teacher
  • Francis Bringier
    Francis Bringier 5th Grade Teacher
  • Millie Wynne
    Millie Wynne 5th Grade Teacher
  • Olivia Kendrick
    Olivia Kendrick 6th Grade Teacher
  • Terri Liaw
    Terri Liaw 6th Grade Teacher

Support Staff

  • Vanessa Carlos
    Vanessa Carlos COUNSELOR
  • Matthew Seaton
    Matthew Seaton Music Teacher
  • Marnella Mayberry
    Marnella Mayberry Instructional Aide
  • Erika Morales
  • Alyssa Romo
  • Tina Fryberger
    Tina Fryberger Director of SPED
  • Sarah Ballard-Wiley
    Sarah Ballard-Wiley SPED TEACHER
  • Helen Rivera
    Helen Rivera SPED Aide
  • Keith Belton
    Keith Belton Educational Psychologist
  • Tasha Taylor
    Tasha Taylor residential substitute
  • Pamela Williams
    Pamela Williams residential substitute
  • Jean Lopez
    Jean Lopez Residential Substitute
  • Edith Jimenez
    Edith Jimenez Food Services
  • Vanessa Ruiz
    Vanessa Ruiz Lunch Proctor
  • Karina Flores
    Karina Flores LUNCH PROCTOR
  • Maria Valles
    Maria Valles Cashier
  • James Verdin
    James Verdin Custodian
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