It is the belief at LEPA that if everyone; staff, scholar, and families work together there will be no room for failure. As a team, we can all work together to help all scholars achieve great academic growth and accomplishments.  We appreciate, enjoy, and value families and the support they provide.


Many families enjoy coming to campus and volunteering during school hours.  This takes many forms including helping in their child’s classroom and running school-wide activities.  Volunteering is a great way to get to know your child’s teacher, school staff, and the school on a deeper level.  Volunteering also allows families the ability to help their child, classmates, and schoolmates.  We encourage and invite families to come in and volunteer.

Prior to volunteering there is a simple form we ask you to complete.  Come into the front office to pick one up. Once this is completed and submitted with a copy of your identification it takes up to 2 weeks to process.  The teachers are notified once the volunteer’s paperwork is cleared. You will then be asked to come in to complete a confidentiality form, then schedule with the classroom teacher the best days and times to volunteer.


For the protection of the scholars and the security of the school, visitors and parents on campus must check in with the office first.  Visitors and parents who will be visiting any other part of the school will be given a name tag for identification while on campus.  It is against our school policy for visitors or parents to go directly to classrooms without checking through the office first.

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